Landscape Lights FAQ

For Wi-Fi Landscape Lights

  • How do I create a mode in the Enbrighten App?

    From the “Mode” menu

    ·       Scroll to the end of the modes.

    ·       Tap “New.”

    White light or single colors

    ·       Choose from six white light color temperatures (2200K-6000K).

    ·       Choose any color from the 56 options.

    Color combinations

    ·       Next to “Color” there are three circles. These will show your chosen two- or three-color combination.

    ·       Choose any color from the 56 options to fill the first circle.

    ·       Tap the second circle and choose another color for a two-color combination.

    ·       Tap the third circle and choose another color for a three-color combination.


    ·       Open the “Dimming” dropdown menu.

    ·       Adjust the brightness of your mode.


    ·       Open the “Effect” dropdown menu.

    ·       Select an effect and adjust its speed.

    Saving your mode

    ·       Tap “Save” and choose a name for your mode.

    ·       You can also tap the pencil icon next to the name to change it.

    ·       Tap the picture icon to take or upload an image to represent your mode.

    ·       Your custom mode appears next to the preset modes in the “Mode” menu.

  • How do I edit a mode in the Enbrighten App?

    From the “Mode” menu

    Select a mode, i.e., “July 4th.”
    Tap the pencil icon.
    Choose an available effect, i.e., “Strobe” or “Pulse.”
    Adjust the speed and dimming of the selected effect.
    Tap “Save” to keep the edits in place.
    Tap “Reset to default” to return the mode to its original effect.

  • How do I turn off individual LED pucks in the Enbrighten App?

    From the “Color” menu

    Tap “My Lights.”
    The numbered circles represent each of your product’s LEDs.
    Tap each one to manually turn OFF that specific LED. When deactivated, the circle is gray. Tap again to turn ON the LED.
    Why? This is useful to save power if one of the bulbs or pucks will be out of sight once installed.

  • How do I check my device's network?

    On your device’s main menu, tap the pencil icon in the top right corner.
    Tap “Check Now” next to “Check Device Network.”
    The app automatically checks if the device is connected, the signal strength and connection status.
    Once the test is complete information about your Wi-Fi connection is displayed.
    If needed, you can try again by tapping “Re-test.”

  • How are devices placed into pairing mode?

    The indicator LED flashes quickly when devices are in pairing mode.

    Not connected to a network

    Disconnect power to the device.
    Supply power to automatically activate pairing mode.
    Connected to a network

    Café/landscape lights – press programming button for five seconds.
    Plug-in devices – press programming button for five seconds.
    Surge protector – press programming button for five seconds.
    BrightLink™ module – press programming button for five seconds.
    Under cabinet lighting – press the power button six times within five seconds. On the sixth press, hold the button for five seconds.
    In-app option – “remove devices” function automatically places any device into pairing mode.
    Bulbs/tabletop lamps — cycle the power OFF and ON five times. Start with the switch in the ON position and pause briefly between each flip of the switch. 

Non-Wi-Fi Landscape Lights

  • Where can I install my landscape lights?

    You can put your landscape lights in gardens, along walkways and more! Each set comes with burial-grade cable that can be concealed by mulch and soil, and stakes to easily secure them in the ground. If you don’t want to use the stakes, just place them on the ground. Additionally, the keyholes on the back enable you to mount them on eaves using screws or nails.
  • Are landscape lights resistant to harsh weather?

    Each set of landscape lights are built to withstand the elements year-round — no matter the season!
  • Can I control multiple sets of landscape lights at once?

    Yes! Group sets of smart landscape lights together in the app to control them simultaneously. For normal landscape lights, press and hold the power button of your preferred remote for eight seconds right after you plug in both sets — the pucks will flash when paired with the remote.
  • What is the distance between each LED puck?

    Each strand has a 10ft. spacing between each light with an 22ft. lead-in from the plug to the first puck.   
  • How many pucks are on a strand?

    The puck count is different for each strand — 36 pucks, 24 pucks, 12 pucks or six pucks. There are also versions with larger pucks and version with smaller pucks.
  • Are the LED pucks replaceable?

    No, however the LEDs have a lifetime warranty on them. Be sure to hang onto your receipt.
  • One of my LED pucks went out. What should I do?

    Contact us and we would love to go through the process of replacing the strand. Make sure to find your receipt if you still have it.
  • Are these dimmable with an in-wall switch?

    While your landscape lights aren’t dimmable using a wall switch, you can use the dimming controls in the app to control brightness. For regular landscape lights, use the dimming button on the included remote.