Eternity Lights FAQ

Product Questions

  • How many strands of Eternity Lights can be linked?

    Including light strands and extension cables, up to 150ft. at 100% lumen output and 200ft. at 75% lumen output can be linked to one power supply.

  • How do I link strands to a set of Eternity Lights?

    Before installing Eternity Lights, ensure all strands for the set are firmly connected and you are as close as possible to your router. Then, plug in, unplug and plug in the lights to confirm the lights are connected and flashing together. This verifies the lights are synced.

  • How do I control multiple sets of Eternity Lights if I exceed the maximum length of one set?

    The group function in the Enbrighten app allows you to control and schedule multiple sets and similar Enbrighten lighting products simultaneously.

  • Can I control my Eternity Lights with other Enbrighten Wi-Fi products?

    Yes, Eternity Lights use the Enbrighten app and can be controlled and grouped with other Enbrighten products. Please note, only similar device types can be grouped. For example, Eternity Lights cannot be grouped with ON/OFF switches.

    The first item selected determines the interface and functions of the group.

  • Why aren't my connected strands illuminating together?

    Plug in, unplug and plug in the lights to confirm the lights are connected and flashing together. This verifies the lights are synced.

  • How are they powered?

    The lights plug in to any 120VAC outlet. Use a GFCI-protected outlet for outdoor use.

  • What are the dimensions of Eternity Lights?

    There are 50ft. and 100ft. sets as well as individual 16.5ft. strands to extend your set up to 200ft.

    A 10ft. extension cord is included with each set and sold separately to increase reach where lights aren’t needed

  • Are Eternity Lights replaceable?

    Yes, the LEDs have a limited-lifetime warranty for long-term, worry-free use. Be sure to register your product for warranty coverage.

  • What color options do the Eternity Lights have?

    Yes, Eternity Lights can be customized in a wide variety of colors, modes and combinations. From single-color white to up to six-color combinations, there are options for every need. Preset modes also offer fun settings for holidays, season and more.

    The “basic” option offers a preset color palette with white options. “Advanced” features a color wheel for tons of custom colors.

  • Are the lights dimmable?

    Yes, full-range brightness adjustment is available in the Enbrighten app. Three preset buttons and a dimming slider provide convenient options.

  • What should I do if I experience an issue with my Eternity Lights?

    Contact our U.S.-based Consumer Care at 1-800-654-8483, M-F, 7 a.m.-8 p.m. Central Time. Please have your receipt available.

Installation Questions

  • What mounting surfaces are supported?

    The included brackets with double-sided tape and screws install securely on wood, vinyl and aluminum.

    Brick or concrete installation is possible if the provided screws are replaced with appropriate masonry screws — not included.

  • Are Eternity Lights cuttable?

    Yes, Eternity Lights can be cut to fit your layout. Four lights must remain on the strand and the cords cannot be reconnected after cutting.

  • Do Eternity Lights withstand inclement weather?

    Eternity Lights are built with premium commercial-grade wire and rated for permanent installations. They are tested to endure the elements, such as rain and wind, through the year.

    Eternity Lights are intended to be installed on the eaves of your home and not on the ground.

  • What is the best placement for Eternity Lights?

    The lights can be placed as far or close to the wall as you want depending on the look you want to achieve. Lights placed farther from the wall spread the light for more coverage of your home. For a visual example, visit this page.

App Questions

  • How do I create accent light templates in the app?

    Each bulb in the set can be enabled and disabled to meet your coverage needs. Save a template to quickly recall your settings for different seasons, holidays or occasions.
  • When using an effect in the app, do all the lights travel in the same direction?

    No, “reverse effect direct” under settings offers the option to choose the direction of the effect.
  • How do I edit a mode in the Enbrighten app?

    From the Eternity Lights screen in the Enbrighten app, select a mode in the drop-down.

      • Tap the pencil icon.
      • Choose an available effect, such as “strobe” or “pulse.”
      • Adjust the speed and dimming of the selected effect.
      • Tap “save.”
      • “Reset to default” returns the mode to its original settings.
  • Can I customize a mode in the Enbrighten app?

    Yes, when choosing a preset mode, you can adjust effects, speed and dimming. Custom modes can also be created for quick recall.