The era of Enbrighten VIBE. New name, same outstanding Wi-Fi Products!
Dynamic, custom home lighting at your fingertips.

What's your VIBE? 


Lighting Meets Lifestyle.

Discover how Wi-Fi smart lighting can enhance your home,

save energy and bring ease and convenience to your everyday.



The Perks of Wi-Fi

Your Options are Endless.

Within the intuitive Enbrighten app you can fully personalize your space and entire home lighting ecosystem using an impressive variety of colors and dynamic modes to fit any occasion. 


Date night? Put on dim, warm white lighting.

Game day? Set your favorite team's colors.

Having a party? Choose a dynamic mode that continuously fades through a full color spectrum.

Set It and Forget It.

Using the automation settings, you can program your Enbrighten lights to turn on at certain times on specific days or when a selected condition is met.


For example:

when the sun sets,

temperature drops

or even if wind speed kicks up!

Step One: Connect Your Lights & Devices

Using your home's wireless internet, setup is a breeze. Multiple pairing options make adding devices to the app effortless. Auto and manual setup using Wi-Fi accommodates traditional pairing associated with wireless devices. By enabling Bluetooth in the app, Enbrighten devices are discovered and added to your network faster and easier than ever. 

Also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Hey Google to control your lights and devices with voice commands! 

Step Two: Make It Your Own

For all of life’s variables, custom automations in the Enbrighten app control your lighting and devices through a wide range of factors - all decided by you! 

  • You can set your lights to preferred schedules based on certain days of the week or weather like sunrise, sunset, temperature change, humidity and even cloud cover!
  • Location settings can turn your lights on or off when you leave or arrive home.
  • Your lights can be programmed to dim in brightness or change in color temperature in the early morning or late at night.
  • For special occasions or the start of a new season, you can change your lighting to different colors to celebrate.
  • Sync Enbrighten light bulbs with music to strobe or perform other effects to your favorite songs! 

Step Three: Experience the Magic.

After your lighting and devices are set up to be uniquely all your own, sit back and enjoy the comforts of home in a new light.

Voice commands through popular smart speakers, like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, support totally handsfree operation of connected devices - making your home smarter and life more convenient than ever before.

Don't Just Take It From Us. 

Hear What Others are Saying!

"These Enbrighten Indoor and Outdoor Smart Plugs are super convenient and a MUST have! Now with the holidays approaching, it’s also a great way to control holiday décor and lights, and make sure you save energy by keeping your lights on only when it’s dark!"

- @caroldemauro

"You can fully control the effects, speed, brightness and color combinations from the free Enbrighten app. Whether you’re looking to scare on Halloween or show your patriotic side on July 4th, Enbrighten’s landscape lighting can customize colors for the way YOU celebrate."

- @notyouravg_mom

"I am already so thankful for how much easier this had made our lives, from helping us stay on track, or even making sure that my curling iron is off, but can not wait for this holiday season! Going to be able to schedule our Christmas tree and all our other holiday decorations on a timer so we don’t have to think about turning everything on and off every day is HUGE and will let us enjoy the season even more!"

- @savvyjanine


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