GE Enbrighten 18 in. Direct Wire LED Under Cabinet Light Fixture, White

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Direct your attention to what’s important — seeing your home in the best possible light! The GE-branded Enbrighten 18” Direct Wire Light Fixture provides effective, dynamic lighting to your space without the need to hide a cord or rely on a nearby outlet. While standard LEDs make colors appear washed out and dull, Enbrighten LEDs show true color intensity and vibrance. The energy-efficient, ultra bright LEDs diminish hot spots and shadows with superior light diffusion and even light distribution. For stylish accent lighting, mount the light fixture underneath or on top of kitchen cabinetry, shelving or bookcases. The slim, portable design makes it convenient to place the light fixture even where space is limited. In smaller enclosed areas, such as closets and pantries, use the light to illuminate hard-to-see corners. To install the light, simply wire it directly to a wall switch, keeping outlets free and eliminating visible cords. The light fixture can also be paired with an in-wall dimmer switch for even more lighting options. Personalize your indoor space with a GE branded Enbrighten 18” Direct Wire Light Fixture.
Brand GE, Enbrighten
Color Black
UPC 030878398237
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